What is the digital world?

 Technology in the handsThe digital world, a fundamental part in many people’s daily lives, is something I believe can be defined in two parts. First is the technology a person uses in their daily life, from the computers that are used for work, study and even play, to the phones we use and even sources of information such as radios and T.V.s. Second is the world that exists within the digital itself, the worlds that many thrive in such as online games, forums and chat programs where people develop relationships and share interests and passions with each other, often without barriers that come with race, ethnicity and socioeconomic status.

 The importance of understanding the impact of the digital word cannot be understated as the ubiquity of technology in everyday life has impacted the way we work and play (International Telecommunication Union, 2007). From understanding how to use the most common of technologies such as newer phones to the importance of personal security online, the need for people of all ages to develop these skills has never been greater. One place this need can be seen very clearly is in the classroom.


 As a future teacher, I believe the importance of being able to function in the digital world is highly important as while I may be self-taught, students have existed with this technology in some capacity for their entire lives and as Howell (2012) states “we either up-skill and embrace digital technologies or we get left behind by our students”. An example of why this is important is the concept of digital expectancy (Howell, 2012), the expectation from not only students, but also parents and even employers that a student’s education will be technologically rich and that their skills and knowledge in this realm will be extensively developed.


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